Monday, October 18, 2010

{ Update! } Have you seen this dress? (Tracy Reese Nougat Classic Lace Frock)

I got the dress! After tweeting, blogging, facebooking, message board-ing, and searching all over the internet, I finally called the Tracy Reese flagship store and got the last dress. Shipment notification hit my inbox a few hours ago. The dress will be in my possession in a few short days!

Apparently, Tracy Reese herself was planning to keep the dress, but when I called she sold it to me. Very excited and glad that Tracy sold the dress to me (because, you know, it's her company and she could have just kept the dress for herself and I'd have never known). I always like it when one of my favorite designers turns out to be a cool person, too. Thanks, Tracy Reese and the employee who helped me!

Help, help, help!!!!!! Yes, I just used multiple exclamation points, but I promise, my current fashion emergency necessitates them. (And I know I've been MIA for a bit, but that's a story for its own post. Coming soon, I promise.)

But first- my emergency! I was planning on buying the Tracy Reese Nougat Classic Lace Frock to wear for my JP wedding on December 30. It's The Perfect Dress. Perfect!

I had already started picturing myself in gorgeous, wintery, Anthropologie-style wedding pictures, dancing around our holiday bedecked town in this dress, paired with black tights, booties and a gorgeous coat. And uh, my fiance, too. Yeah, he can be in the pictures, too.

But when I went to purchase it this weekend, it had disappeared from the website. Poof! Gone! Vanished! And it ran away with my perfect picture dreams.

I am so sad.

See, how perfect it is? See?

Tracy Reese Nougat Classic Lace Frock

So, can anyone help me track this down? I'm planning to call the flagship store today and according to some other bloggers, this dress was also in some Anthroplogie stores, so I'm going to call Anthro, too. But I'm desperate!

I. Want. This. Dress.

Anything else at this point will be a sad substitute. And what bride deserves a sad substitute (even if she is just going to the JP)?

PS- I need a size 6 (or a 4, since I've heard it runs a little on the large size). But I could possibly also do an 8 and take it to the tailor. But a 6 would be perfect (I hope).


  1. I saw Jess post this dress last week. She found it IN STORE when it wasn't even on the website.

    Have you tried having Kim of Anthroholic help find it?
    Or call the actual company and they usually can help track things down?

    Best of luck!

    xx Vivian @

  2. Thanks, Vivian!

    I got the dress (see my update)! If I hadn't been able to track it down in the store, I would have definitely been asking some bloggers for some assistance. I can't wait to get my dress!

    I love the name of your blog, by the way.

  3. I'm so glad you got it! It's PERFECT!

  4. Thanks, Kelly! I'm so excited! It actually arrived yesterday with a handwritten, personal note.

  5. I've been searching for this dress too and found it here:!


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