Sunday, September 26, 2010

what i wore:: something old, something new

Last night, Mr. MG and a few of our friends went to a charity event. The invite told us we'd be "walking the red carpet" so "dress to impress." As if I need an excuse to get all dressed up. And when it's for a good cause, that's all the better!

Usually, an event like this is an excuse for me to go buy something new, but I decided to be frugal and wear something I already owned. I bought this dress a few years ago and have only worn it once, so that's sort of close to new anyway, right? Right. I also carried a bag (and forgot to photograph it) that I've had for quite a while. Just a little black satin clutch, but it looked nice with the dress.

I did pick up some new shoes (since I needed some strappy sandals anyway) and some jewelry (since I found some on sale at J. Crew- and I have serious issues resisting their jewelry). Both reasonable reasons for buying something, I think. And that bracelet on the left in the bottom pic? I made that one using some supplies that I've had hanging around for quite a while.

So, three pieces bought, three pieces already in my closet, one piece handmade by me. I'd say that's a pretty decent start to re-wearing and re-inventing a piece that's already in my closet. I'm hoping to continue that trend.

What about you? Do you tend to run out and buy something new for big events, or do you re-work what you already have?

ETA: After posting, it occurred to me that I should probably mention the animal in the cage next to me. That's our Stella Blue Bear. She is recovering from knee surgery, so she has to be in a kennel most of the time. It's very sad for us and for her, but she's doing well and it's for her own good. Just didn't want any readers thinking we're mean to our dogs!



  1. that sounds pretty much EXACTLY how i would put together a new special-occasion outfit! nice to know we're not alone ; )

    you look great, and nice job on that bracelet! steph

  2. Love to dress up. I wish it were a popular thing to do and I had more reasons to dress up.
    You look great. Love the jewelry and the shoes.

    Enjoyed the peek inside your lovely home. What an adorable doggie on the mend in the cage behind you!

  3. I love everything and you look like you belong on the red carpet, love your bracelet


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