Moxie/Grace is all about getting inspired with fashion, style and design. I post outfits I've worn, outfits I wish I'd worn, outfits I'd probably never wear other than for snapping a picture, as well as things that inspire me, fashion news, and trends. With Moxie/Grace, I hope to connect to other fashion lovers, designers, artists, and bloggers.

In addition to Moxie/Grace, I also author The Blooming Wildflowers Project, a shopping guide to all things handmade, indie and vintage.

So why Moxie/Grace?
By definition, moxie means verve, gumption and guts whereas grace means elegance in form, action or manner. And if you've got both, you can pretty much navigate any situation and come out as a raging success, or at least looking like you're a raging success. So, really the better question is, why not Moxie/Grace?

PS- This blog is pretty new and I'm currently re-working the design a little. If looks a little strange for a bit, just bear with me. I'm getting there!