Friday, July 16, 2010

lust list :: nOir animal rings

It all started with Pete the Porcupine. I fell in love with this cute little critter ring, but sadly, I missed out on it since my size is sold out everywhere. But fortunately for me, nOir jewelry makes tons of other super adorable animal and critter rings (I'm sort of partial to Owen the Owl and Goldie the Elephant).

noir-animal-rings copy
Clockwise from top left: Pete the Porcupine | Goldie the Elephant | Owen the Owl | Lee the Bee | Butch the Bulldog | Penny the Peacock


  1. Squeeee I love these picks! Especially the owl and the bee! Too bad they're out of my price range. Did you see the frog prince one on the website too? Adorable!

  2. @Kelly, I love the owl, too. I did see the frog prince- it's super cute! I also love the flying pig since I call my beagle a little pink piggy.

    @CiaoHound, aren't they? It's so hard to pick a favorite!


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