Friday, July 30, 2010

Dress dilemma: cupcake-ification

I bought the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry dress from ModCloth a while ago. And usually when I buy something new, I can barely wait to get it home, rip the tags off and wear it the very next second.

me-chocolate-dipped-strawberry-dress-modcloth copy

But this. This has just been hanging forlornly in my closet with the tags still attached, like that sad little kid picked last for dodge ball.

It's not that I don't like it. It's a sweet little dress. But that's also it's biggest flaw. It's too sweet. Too literal.

Chocolate-cupcake-with-strawberry-icing literal.

And so, I've been scouting around, trying to find pieces to wear with it that don't make me feel like I should have a candle on top of my head. I think I've found a few pieces that might get this dress out of my closet and onto the dance floor.

Idea 1- Toughen it up
chocolate-dipped-strawberry-dress-modcloth-toughen-it-upJ. Crew solid ripstop field jacket | Unlisted Shelf Help shoes from Zappos | Madewell fringed chain necklace | Deena & Ozzy zip-front moto satchel from Urban Outfitters

Idea 2- Soften it up
modcloth-chocolate-dipped-strawberry-dress-soften-it-up copyOutdoor cafe cardigan from Anthropologie | Anticipation heels from Anthroplogie | Louise upcycled earrings by Erica Leilani Designs | J. Crew Jericho tote

Idea 3- Embrace the cupcake-ification- add some sprinkles!
modcloth-chocolate-dipped-strawberry-dress-add-sprinkles copyGlacier necklace by Surf and Sand Jewelry Design
| Satin bow clutch by Mermaid's Dream | J. Crew Starling heels in rose gold

So what do you think? How should I style this dress?


  1. I'm so inspired by this post. Just this morning I was having the same dilemma over a dress that I bought in May and haven't worn yet. It has so much potential, but kind of just hangs there. My favorite is your tough look, I think that's what you should try. I don't have an army jacket, but i'm gonna find a way to toughen up my dress as well. Cheers!

  2. Thanks, Felicity! I hardly ever have this problem, so it's been driving me nuts. My favorite is the tough look, too.

  3. I LOVE all these looks- so chic and I think they'd work beautifully

  4. Thanks, Catherine! Maybe I'll finally wear this dress this weekend for my birthday dinner. :-)


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