Friday, March 5, 2010

fashion + home // white ruffles

I love white ruffles! Nothing is more girly or springy. J. Crew's Sweeping Ruffles Shirt and Paula and Erika's handmade white ruffle curtains are definitely on my spring 2010 shopping list.

j. crew sweeping ruffles shirt and white ruffle curtain


  1. Love the comparison in the photos! I love the look of crisp white, but gave up wearing it or having it in my house when my 2 boys were little. White + boys = constant cleaning (or ruination of said white object)! ;D

  2. Linda, I am obsessed with white ruffles! I need a better shoe storage system since we moved and I'm thinking of buying a bookshelf (from IKEA or something) and putting that white ruffly curtain in front of it so it looks all pretty.


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