Sunday, September 19, 2010

inspiration boards:: ghost whisperer style

It's fall premiere time already (already!) and I feel the need to voice my protest that Ghost Whisperer got yanked at the end of last season and won't be returning this year.

Where will I get my romantic, vintage-style outfit inspirations?

Because seriously, as much as I loved Lost, there were no outfit inspirations to be seen on that show. Unless, you know, I plan on getting stranded on a not-so-deserted-wait-there's-a-smoke-monster-who-used-to-be-a-man-what's-this-lightsource-plugged-with-a-huge-cork-covered-in-cuneiform-THEY-DID-NOT-DIE-ON-THE-PLANE island any time soon.


I just loved Melinda Gordon's (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt) feminine style. Ghost Whisperer's story lines were nice (if we just forget about the mess that was season 4), I loved her cute little antique shop, Professor Payne was amusing and the dynamic between Melinda and Jim was refreshing (if not a little too sweet at times), but all of those were a far second to her fantastic wardrobe. So, in honor of Melinda's fabulous style, I made some inspiration boards.*

*Full disclosure: These are both sort of old. I made the first one for a project I did for grad school last semester and the second one I made originally on Polyvore, but they're worth bringing up now, don't you think? I do. Especially since it saved me a whole bunch of time and you still get to read a blog post. See? Everybody wins.



So, what about you? Did anyone else watch Ghost Whisperer just for the outfits? What shows are you going to be watching this fall? Help me out here, I need something to take the place of the only two shows I really watched.


  1. I love Ghost Whisperer! Its my favorite show! I was so mad when they ended it! I agree about the outfits. They are adorable! I try to model my looks after them but with not a lot of luck! Anybody know how she does her hair? (Like how does she get those cute curls?) I would really like to figure that out and try it out on myself.

  2. LOVE love love her Melinda Gordon's style and clothes. I am going to have tailored this wonderful velour dress we see in the very beginning. Maybe in another colour then that red wine brown. But still. Wonderful dresses, romantic jewelry and interiours. Love story lines though,too . They are balancing on beeing too sugary sweet, but i like it. Greetings for Denmark.


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