Sunday, August 29, 2010

What I wore:: dinner with friends

Good news, people! I finally found a good spot to take outfit of the day pictures in my house. It took a little furniture rearranging, but I'm liking it. And bonus for me- the room we rearranged (my office/studio/exercise room) is actually more functional now. For example, all I have to do to use my scanner is plug in the USB cable (instead of pulling it out of storage, setting it up and plugging in the USB cable). See? Much more functional.

Okay, okay. We actually rearranged the furniture to make the room more functional, and the good spot for what I wore/outfit of the day just happened to be the bonus (not the other way around). Sometimes I forget that the world doesn't revolve around my blogging habits.


So anyway. Friday night, I went out for dinner with some friends. We were supposed to catch a movie afterward but dinner ran late, so we ended up a nice little outdoor bar instead. Good times, I tell you. Good times. And after the week I've had taking care of our dog, who is recovering from knee surgery, I certainly needed a relaxing night out with the girls.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Cardigan, H&M
Sequin top, J.Crew (similar here)
Cargo capris, Abercrombie & Fitch
Ballet flats, ??
Necklace, J. Crew
Bracelet, my own design


  1. I hope your pup feels better soon!

    I love your hair, by the way.

  2. Thanks, Kelly! Stella is doing better, but we're still so tired. And thanks for the hair compliment. I just left a comment over on your blog about hairstylist loyalty. :-)


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