Wednesday, March 17, 2010

fashion || rain, rain

It rained for four days straight last week and over the weekend. Poured, in fact. Every time it rains, I mutter to myself about how I need to buy a casual rain jacket for when I take the dogs outside in the downpour and for  other random adventures spent tromping around town in the rain. And then I decide I need new rainboots to match my new rain jacket. So, because I was bored and trapped inside, I started looking for my new rain gear. And if perfection were a shiny rainboot, it would be these lovelies from See by Chloe. I almost plopped them in my shopping cart. Almost.

And then the sun came out again and brought me to my senses.
(Along with the realization that I do not need to spend $200 on rainboots since my cost per wear would be, oh...about $100.)

But they sure are lovely. And they'd look so cute with a casual little rain jacket...
See by Chloe rainboots and L.L. Bean trail model rain jacket
Rainboots, See by Chloe | Trail Model Rain Jacket, L.L. Bean

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