Friday, February 26, 2010

fashion news // cynthia rowley for roxy

In my dreams, I'm a SoCal surfer girl. I live in a beach bungalow. I awake to the sound of crashing waves and run (read: own) a little surf-inspired boutique/gallery just steps from the ocean. In real life, I live nowhere near the ocean, I awake to the sound of my snoring beagle and I run (read: am owned by) the corporate rat race. But a girl can dream. And a girl can chase her dreams, too, right? And until I finally catch them, I can at least dress the part of a SoCal surfer girl thanks to the surfer-girl-meets-girlie-girl Cynthia Rowley collection for Roxy.

Roxy Cynthia Rowley collectionimages:

PS- Once I do catch those dreams, I'll still awake to the sound of my snoring beagle because her foghorn of a snore will most definitely drown out even the loudest of ocean waves.

PPS- That ruffled, aqua dress? Consider it mine.

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  1. lol - SO echoing your sentiments, it felt like i was reading my own thoughts. i too, am a surfer girl albeit just in my head ☺
    thank you for the monday fun photo game on your blooming blog, i will play tag tomorrow, as i've just got in from work (or in mind, tube riding...) & i need a cup of tea!


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